The first step to any good project is planning. We take the time to think through all the pieces involved in our projects. This is particularly important when developing a website. Before a website can be a great website, it needs to be organized clearly, user friendly, with key content emphasized predominantly and using a minimal amount of clicks to get there. A great web site is not just a pretty website, but a usable website.

Same applies to our print pieces, granted they tend to be less complicated. But you still need to do some planning before you jump in and start the graphic design phase. We take the time to review the content and plan for how it best fits together. We confirm this with our clients so that we do not waste time redesigning a brochure because the content did not fit. Open communication between B Two and our clients is essentially at the core of our process. Email is great for simple things, but for more complicated matters, meeting in person or a simple phone call is often the better solution.


At B Two Design we put an emphases on design. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, and as you will see it shows. Our designs are not cookie cutter or templated. Each project is custom designed for our clients with their particular style/branding in mind. We have two graphic designers on staff that are professionally educated in graphic design and have a combined 20 years experience. This means we know how to solve tough design problems and we do not accept inferior results.


Once the design has been approved by our clients, we begin the next step in the process. Coding for web sites and print production for our print designs. Owner Brant Beaupre started his graphic design career in the print industry and has a full understanding of all the different print processes and techniques. We also do all of our own coding in house. That means if you need a quick change, we can do it. We don't sub it out and as a result can closely monitor our clients sites and respond promptly.

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