Endless Design Possibilities

Isn’t a website just a website? I’ve heard this before. Of course as a designer I think this is absurd, however after I take a deep breath and calm down, I guess I can understand this type of thinking? I mean they do all have logos/pages/content areas/contact information etc. right? Just like all cars have wheels and move you forward.  However how you display this content and key functionality can vary wildly and the possibilities are endless.  I was reminded of this when Alex pointed out a well designed slider to me the other day. As designers we always see new and clever ways of using the “same old tricks.” Here’s an example:

photo slider design example

This is what one would typically call a photo slider or carousel. However it is designed almost as an add onto itself. Similar to what you might see on a well designed billboard or magazine ad. Not just a photo with some text on top or to the right of it (IE: typical photo slider). Most people wouldn’t even recognize this as a slider initially. The photos, textures, font treatments are all excellent as well as the interesting transitions. Not to over-the-top but unique and well done. The point being… with a little creativity the possibilities are truly endless and no two websites need to look exactly the same.



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