Do Not Click Here

Reasons why you should not use “click here” for you links.

1. SEO Reason – “click here” means nothing to Google. Google’s algorithms assign importance on links (helps your search ranking) and if your link was a keyword it would have more value than generic “click here”. IE: 5TipsToIncreaseYourCreditScore.pdf

2. It distracts the user from your content. By calling attention to “click here”, they might actually click here – without reading your text. And the words click here do not actually explain what the content is. This would require them to read backwards from the link to figure it out what they are clicking on. So instead just title the link appropriately. IE: 5TipsToIncreaseYourCreditScore.pdf. This article does a good job of explaining this further:

User Interface Tip on Not using Click Here

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