Jeff Pearlman – logo process

Since our last post, Jeff wanted to add the phrase “Jeff Pearlman Presents” to “The Quaz” logo. He wanted this to be the first thing you see. Keeping with the retro feel, we added a large directional arrow to the top of the design.

He also wanted to turn the original logo into two different T-shirts. This time without his name. He hopes these tee’s will catch peoples eye and ad awareness to “The Quaz.”

Jeff Pearlman Logo

Jeff Pearlman came back to B Two for a new project. This time he wanted a logo design for his Q&A series called “The Quaz”. The Quaz features a Q & A style interview session with people from sports/entertainment/politic/whatever. Our original website design concept for depicts individual pages designed slightly different from one another. The Quaz page has a nostalgic feel and color scheme to it. Jeff wanted to play off of this look and incorporate this retro feeling into the logo. We are pleased with the progress we have made on it thus far.

Robert Weintraub

B Two recently finished accomplished author, Robert Weintraub’s site. Robert is “traditionally” a sports writer but his new book “No Better Friend” focuses on WWII.  We were challenged to incorporate the topic of sports and WWII heavily into the design. We decided to create an “author’s collage” combining the new book, writing instruments, dog items and his old books all with a sort of nostalgic timeless feel. We are very proud of the way it turned out. Website Redesign

We recently worked on a website redesign project for This was a rather large undertaking as the blog/news site has been around since the wee early days of internets. I think they had roughly 10,000 posts published. We were also moving it from one blogging platform to another (Moveable Type to WordPress). This took some database manipulation and a lot of time. B Two designed was primarily tasked to help with the aesthetics & organization. The old site was a standard news template and was outdated and very text heavy. We wanted to bring it into the modern web world (slimmed down appearance, easier to read/navigate, responsive) – overall just better!



Jeff Pearlman Website Redesign

New York Times Best Selling author Jeff Pearlman tasked us with a refresh of his current wordpress blog, which was a bit dated and lacked personality.

Jeff is an avid writer and blogger. His website’s main focus is daily interaction with his fans via his blog and “THE QUAZ”: a Q&A style archive of interviews with athletes, entertainers, politicians and more. It was important that the site remained professional, worked well on mobile devices (IE: Responsive Design), while giving insight to Jeff’s personality.

We are very happy with the final product as is Jeff.

The Website Before the Redesign

Diamond Car Wash Website Redesign

Diamond Car Wash found me on Google, a couple months back. Yeah! Websites do work.
Tongue in check of course. Anyway, Google leads turn into our best clients typically. They have done their research have looked at the competition and quality of work and have made the right decision. Ok, no tongue in check this time. Just some shameless self boasting. Anyway, Chris and Candice of Diamond have spent a lot of time and money on their two locations doing complete build-outs and investing in new state of the art tunnel technology. The cater to higher end clientele and wanted a site the a reflected their business mission and attitude. As you can see, their previous site did not do that!

Chris also had spent time and effort on a unique video and wanted to showcase that on the home page. The challenge was that the two locations have similar but different content. And we needed to allow the user to navigate the appropriate location based content. Hence the dual logos and other indicators for location specific content. IE: simple navigation on home page, large buttons for two locations, locations specific footer navigation and maps. A more subtle indicator is the use of color; red for Cherry Hill and Blue for Morton.

Chris wanted a modern, clean, sophisticated and unique website. I think we did a good job of meeting all of his requirements. Check out the final product. (Also the site is responsive, check it out on your mobile – yeah responsive!)

New Website Design for Diamond Car Wash

Old Website Design

The old (Pre-B Two) website. Booo


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