Jeff Pearlman – logo process

Since our last post, Jeff wanted to add the phrase “Jeff Pearlman Presents” to “The Quaz” logo. He wanted this to be the first thing you see. Keeping with the retro feel, we added a large directional arrow to the top of the design.

He also wanted to turn the original logo into two different T-shirts. This time without his name. He hopes these tee’s will catch peoples eye and ad awareness to “The Quaz.”

Jeff Pearlman Logo

Jeff Pearlman came back to B Two for a new project. This time he wanted a logo design for his Q&A series called “The Quaz”. The Quaz features a Q & A style interview session with people from sports/entertainment/politic/whatever. Our original website design concept for depicts individual pages designed slightly different from one another. The Quaz page has a nostalgic feel and color scheme to it. Jeff wanted to play off of this look and incorporate this retro feeling into the logo. We are pleased with the progress we have made on it thus far.

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