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Great site!

Epic Discovery Website - Awesome Design

Here’s why:
1. Great use of photos to tell story (atypical layout – not your standard 1 column of text and photos)
2. Tall layout – don’t be afraid to take up vertical space!
3. Textures – on background, on photos on fonts – creates a very non-digital feel
4. Asymmetric – if the photos and quote boxes were all the same size it would be boring
5. Accordion/drop downs on photos – awesome. Clever way to hide content and ad interactivity

Only thing I’m not crazy about is the background moving slighly off from the content boxes when you scroll. Not a big deal, but not sure it ads much and seems a little “jerky”?


Yes, B Two Design does video too! This video was created for a trade show and tailored for industry insiders, not for end users. So the message is geared towards that audience. We shot at two locations, handled the scripting, storyboard, the voice over talent and post production work. Plus we turned the whole project around in less that two weeks!

Corporate Conference Video from B Two Design on Vimeo.

The importance of design in business

This is a great article on the value of dsign and why it’s a bottom dollar business issue. I think Apple’s success has highlighted this point for most of the business world, but there were/are others ofcourse – Nike, Dyson, IBM, etc..

Some interesting quotes:

“Apple’s rise offers a few important lessons about today’s connection between design and business. The easiest is that design allows you to stoke consumer lust–and demand higher prices as a result.”

“When designers lack influence, superb products become almost impossible. Good designs seldom stay good for very long if they must navigate a gauntlet of corporate approval.”

“When something has been approved by everyone, it may be loved by none.”

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